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The Facts on The Tyre Shekel

Due to primitive minting procedures, no two coins are exactly alike. Each coin was individually handstamped by the coiner who took the coinís production through all stages.

After heating and melting the silver, the coiner hammered it into a flat planchet, which was then heated to almost red hot temperature. Using bronze dies, the coiner then struck the top punch with a mallet to imprint the coins images.

Individual coins contain about 14 to 14.5 grams of mostly 95% pure silver. Because each coin was handstamped, coin sizes and weights vary, but in general they usually measure from 20 to 28 mm in diameter.

The coinís obverse features a laureate head of a beardless Melqarth facing right with a lionís skin knotted around his neck. Melqarth was an iconic figure personifying Tyreís prevailing local religion.

The coinís reverse features an eagle standing on the beak of a ship carrying a single palm frond under wing. A club, which is the Tyre mint mark, fills the left field along with the date. The Greek legend adorning the coin translates as ďOf Tyre, the holy and inviolable

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